Vero River Canyon hides many different walls of top quality limestone rock as it passes through Alquézar. The most accessible walls have a large amount of demanding sport climbing routes up to 40 m in length. In recent years, new sectors of excellent quality rock such as San Pelegrín have been opened. However, there is a bird nesting regulation that prohibits climbing from April to July.  On the large walls of the Vero River Canyon we also find traditional climbing routes in places likeTozal del Vero and Tozal de las Macetas. Alquézar area is very popular in winter due to its southern orientation as well as its mild climate sheltered from the wind and fog of Ebro River Valley.

Technical information 

  • Rock type: limestone
  • Number of routes: 300
  • Grade: IV/9a
  • Length: Up to 340 m
  • Face: All
  • Season: All year round


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Photo gallery


  • Alquezar. Barranco de la fuente 2
  • Alquezar. Barranco de la fuente 3
  • Alquezar. Barranco de la fuente 4
  • Alquezar. Barranco de la fuente 5
  • Alquezar. Barranco de la fuente


Mapa 3Escalada Alquezar