The town of Olvena is located on the top of a rocky cliff on the right bank of the River Ésera, just before it runs into the Cinca. It is only in the northern part of the town that any flat areas are to be found, as it rises from the cliffs of a deep gorge and is surrounded by sheer slopes. The houses are cramped together in narrow winding streets, adapting well to the marked differences in height of the land.

The parish church dedicated to the Purification of Our Lady, is a modest building from the beginning of the 17th century. The small Romanesque chapel of the Holy Christ, high on the rocky cliffs, had previously served as parish temple until the current one was built.

Olvena has two beautiful medieval bridges. Crossing the River Ésera and just next to the modern bridge that is now used to reach the town, is the “Puente del Diablo” or Devil’s Bridge. Upstream, in the middle of the gorge, is the “Puente de la Sierra” or Mountain Bridge.

Olvena holds its fiestas for San Gregorio on the 12th of May.


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