Barbuñales, to the south of the Somontano, is known for being the natal locality of the naturalist of the 18th century Felix de Azara. The parochial church is dedicated to The St Lawrence and it was constructed in the 17th century.

To the suburbs of the people there is the Source of the Causeways, which construction was entrusted in 1571 by the Council.

From the fountain it is possible to take a stroll along the Lizana Footpath, which winds between cultivated fields and snakes through one of the most extensive holm oak forests in Aragon.

A number of vulnerable species of birds of prey, some in danger of extinction such as the Egyptian Vulture and Golden Eagle, have found refuge on the inaccessible ledges of the cliffs that border the River Alcanadre. Here, differential erosion, which wears away softer material before harder surfaces, has given rise to unusual rock formations such as the so-called “Señoritas de Lizana”.

In Barbuñales, since in many other peoples of the Somontano bonfires are ignited to commemorate San Fabián's festivity and San Sebastian, on January 20. His major holidays are from August 10 to August 14, for The St Lawrence.


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