Technical information

Type of route: circular

Starting pointColungo

KM: 12,4

Duration: 1 hora 30 min - 2 horas- 30 min

Gradient: 560 m



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Route description

The Portal de la Cunarda is a geological whim of nature, where the erosion has shaped a natural rock arc, a real huge door over the deep gorges of Fornocal canyon.

Departing from Colungo, the trail goes up by the ancient cattle track linking Salas Altas and Colungo. There are some dirt road and easy path sections before reaching a diversion to the Portal, just under La Cunarda hill. From that point on, the trail becomes more technical. The very last section before the Portal is a very narrow and exposed two-way passage, where everyone must be specially careful. The return way follows some very steep ancient paths, so the descent will be almost as demanding and tough as the previous ascent.

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 Mapa R8 Trail PortalDeLaCunarda