Remember that you are in a Site of Nature Conservation Interest. Please respect the surroundings and allow future generations to enjoy it as well.

Below are some helpful tips so that you may enjoy the landscape without leaving a trace.

  • Get informed on the possibilities that this environment offers based on your interests and capabilities before you arrive. Remember that places are limited.
  • Don’t veer off the marked trails so as not to disturb wildlife and to better perceive the splendour of the landscapes.
  • Remember to pick up all rubbish and deposit it in the appropriate containers in the vicinity of El Salto.
  • The parking area is regulated. Follow the parking signs.
  • Lighting fires is not allowed. If you see smoke or anything strange, call 112 (SOS Aragón).
  • Camping in all of its forms is totally prohibited.
  • Do not disturb the peace of the nature.
  • Picking plants, bushes, and gathering fossils and rocks is prohibited.


  • Salto de Bierge 4
  • Salto de Bierge 5
  • Salto de Bierge 6
  • Salto de Bierge 7
  • Salto de Bierge 8
  • Salto de Bierge