Canyoning is an exceptional activity as it combines fun and sport with contact with nature and adventure.

It consists of descending a river bed while overcoming obstacles that water-erosion has placed in the way: pot-holes, waterfalls, overhangs, piles of fallen rock (caos) and closed-in passages which, together with the strong currents, make it difficult to move forward. Pot-holing and climbing techniques are used to get to the end, and these require some knowledge, training and physical fitness.

The obstacles are overcome by jumping into pools, if they are deep enough, sliding down slippery surfaces, making descents aided by hands or abseiling, using natural or artificial holds (drilled into the rock).

There are many rivers in the Guara where you can experience the unique sensation of being swept along by water, swimming, jumping, sliding...

With its many opportunities, the Sierra de Guara can claim to be the birthplace of canyoning. It has over 60 canyons of various lengths that offer different levels of difficulty, both in terms of fitness and technique, all of which are set against diverse landscapes and offer varied attractions.

Even beginners can take part in this exciting sport, providing that they go with a professional guide who knows the area well. In addition to pointing out the best routes and hidden attractions, an experienced guide can also help to prevent needless accidents from happening during the descent of any given canyon and will know what to look for in terms of flash floods, rock falls, etc.

Canyoning activities are regulated in the Sierra de Guara Mountains and Canyons Natural Park. Please consult the regulations