Technical information

Type of route: circular/Rally

ItineraryColungo-Naval-Salinas de Hoz-Colungo

KM: 33,1

Duration: 4 h

Gradient: 1185 m



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Points of interest

The shrine of Santa Eulalia, the Cave Art Visitor CentreArt Visitor Centre in Colungo, the salt beds of La Rolda, the Pottery Visitor Centre in Naval, vineyards and panoramic views.

Route decription

The range of hills owes its name to the many saltwater springs found there, springs that have been tapped by man for centuries. The inhabitants of Naval and Salinas de Hoz built a system of wooden channels to direct the water to shallow beds where the heat of the summer sun burned off the water to leave behind salt deposits.
The tradition has been kept alive over the centuries at La Rolda salt beds in Naval.
The foothills of the sierra are lined with small terraces where olives and almonds have been grown for years.
In recent times, large vineyards have been planted on the flat plain.

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Location map 

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