Numerous shorter tracks criss-cross Somontano to create a network of signposted routes.

Many of these provide a learning experience as they have informative tables and panels revealing the many secrets of Somontano and they are easy to complete being designed for the whole family. Other paths follow ancient roads from historical times, which were once trodden by hunters, peddlers, charcoal burners and shepherds. There are also long routes ideal for sports lovers, where the effort made is compensated by the magnificent views on the way.

The physical and technical effort required for these routes has been evaluated using the Spanish MIDE system (Method of Information of Excursions), which measures the following aspects using a point system of 1-5 (lowest to highest):

  • Severity and risks of the environment
  • Orientation of the itinerary
  • Difficulty in moving around
  • Level of effort required

There is a spectacular 50km route in Somontano, which is integrated into the national programme known as Natural Walks of the Ministry of Environment. The route is well signposted, in good condition and suitably equipped along its course and takes walkers to some of the best spots in the Sierra de Guara in terms of landscape, environment and cultural, historic and natural heritage.

In addition, there is another route, the GR 45, a footpath around Somontano that starts in Bierge and ends in Colungo.

Through some of the different ornithological routes, it is possible to discover a small part of the biological wealth of Guara Somontano, a truly privileged place for those passionate about bird watching.