The rich and varied birdlife of the Sierra de Guara unleashed to its declaration as Special Protection Area Bird in 1998.

Remarkable are the communities of rocky mountain birds of prey, the Alpine Swift, the Egyptian Vulture, the Lammergeier, the Golden Eagle, the Short Toed Snake Eagle, the Eagle Owl, the Peregrine Falcon, the Red-billed Chough or the Red Kite.

Sierra de Guara is an element of distribution of many species of Pre- Pyrenean range, constituting an enclave for the Alpine biogeographical region in the Mediterranean. This situation makes up Southern limit for Pyrenean plants and Alpine Eurosiberian communities, finding Beech woods in the wettest ravines and residual fir wood.  It is also the distribution limit of some endemic vertebrates as the Pyrenean Newt.


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