The 12th century Santo Cristo chapel perches on the highest point of the Olvena Gorge. An ancient fortress once controlled the point at which the Ésera and Cinca rivers merge from this spectacular location.

The church occupies the eastern side of the platform, while the castle must have been located on the site of the current cemetery. It is part of a group of small chapels and temples associated with the remains of castles and its military character is further accentuated by the distinctly defensive arrow slits in the east wall.

The church has a rectangular layout and is covered with a barrel vault. It originally had a semicircular apse, which probably collapsed or was demolished, and which was replaced by a flat wall in the 18th century.

A pair of buttresses was added at some point to reinforce the north wall. The door, with its semicircular arch, is simple in design and without decoration. 


  • Olvena. Via ferrata Santo Cristo 3 - copia
  • Olvena. Via ferrata Santo Cristo 3
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  • Olvena. Via ferrata Santo Cristo