The path that leads from the village towards the fountain continues on to the chapel of the Virgen del Plano, winding its way through cultivated fields and vineyards.

The chapel was constructed in the medieval era on the same spot that was once occupied by a Roman villa. It is not uncommon to come across small tiles scattered around this area that once made up the villa’s mosaics.

The atrium joined to the outside of the church contains double columns that once stood on a podium. The sober capitals that support the arches reflect the truncated pyramid-shape typical of the Gothic period.

It is still possible to see the remains of the polychrome finish of the original decoration. In medieval times, pure and intense colours were used on the capitals and shafts, both inside and outside the church, to highlight the stonemason’s work.A large semi-circular arch decorated with diamond points provides access to the church.


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  • Salas Bajas. Ermita de El Plano