The traditional fountains of Somontano were built in a style that was popular in the 16th century. The design proved so successful that it was used for hundreds of years with little change, right up until the 19th century.

The construction was designed to meet a number of needs; the central piece was the main fountain built for human use; a channel distributed the precious water to various spouts and a little further away there was the washing area. On some occasions, water was stored in reservoirs to be used in mills and factories. A series of irrigation ditches used for watering crops in nearby fields and allotments was the final addition to the system.

Almost all of the fountains in Somontano follow the same model. The structures are always crowned with a cornice whose design is simple, yet the geometric simplicity and careful creation contributes greatly to their beauty. Very few display ornate decoration; however the fountain of Abiego boasts carved masks from which the water spouts, imitating more cultured models.


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