Technical information

Type of route: lineal hiking route

Departure point: Las Almunias de Rodellar 

 KM: 18,5

 Duration: 6 hours

Gradient: 700 m 

 MIDE: 2-2-3-4


Points of interest

Pasaderas of Pedruel, Peña Falconera or Huevo de Morrano and La Tamara y el Puntillo springs. 

Route description

From Las Almunias de Rodellar, you will have to take a track toward las Pasaderas de Pedruel. These Pasaderas (stepping stones) have been one of the traditional ways to cross the rivers in the Sierra of Guara. Here, some carved stones …  a prism with a square base are stuck in the riverbed and spaced half a metre from each other, which allow you to cross the Alcanadre.. Once in Pedruel, follow the signs of the old path that go down the Peonera..

All along this walk, one can appreciate how the limestone mixes withthe conglomerate and the wealth and abundance of geomorphology in this territory, which gives us a first hand look at how the landscape was formed.
At this point, the path goes towards the pine forest of Morrano, to later on climb to the base of the Peña Falconera, an impressive stand alone solitary stone. The walk goes around the Stone and heads to the Resurgence of La Tamara. The water that filters in the limestone, can reach the surface through resurgences such as this spring, at the exit of the strait of Fornazos, one of the most beautiful place of the Guara Park.

On this stretch of the Alcanadre river, you will be able to observe the differences of the fluvial erosion on the sandstone, the conglomerates and the limestone. Crossing the river at the Tamara, the path finally arrives at the amazing Salto de Bierge. This dam was built to supply the small hydroelectric power station of Bierge, which then goes on to supplya historical dam used by a mill.

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