The small chapel of Our Lady of Nieves is found in Pedro Arnal Cavero Street, just before reaching the main square, between two houses.

This chapel has a single nave with three tracts, covered with a star-shaped ribbed vault, and housing a small altar. The altar is a mixture of Renaissance and Gothic designs, due to the fact that it was put together using various pieces of previous altars.

The facade was built by stonemasons in the 17th century following a model of popular religious architecture of the time. Its access is through a door in a semicircular arch.

Outside, in the upper part, there is a small belfry built in brick. 
Next to the chapel there is an ancient doorframe, no longer in use, with the silhouettes of two shoes. It has been suggested that could have once been a shoemaker’s workshop, although this is unconfirmed.



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