On the façade of the Casa el Estanquero (now a hotel) there is a crest that dates back to 1784. It shows a tower with three storeys with an arm coming out of it that is holding something. Is it a head? Many people believe that to be so as it goes hand in hand with a legend that explains the conquest of the castle of Alquézar.

It is said that the King of the Moors subjected his subjects to constant abuse and to satisfy his whims he demanded that the most beautiful young virgins of the region be brought to him. And so it was that a brave young girl from the neighbouring hamlet of Buera decided to take the initiative; she would enter the castle alone and give a signal from the highest tower for the Christians to attack and defeat the inhabitants with ease.

Although it seemed like a mad idea, nobody could persuade the young girl from abandoning her plan. As night fell she dressed in her most seductive clothes, pinned her long fair hair with a pointed comb and presented herself at the castle to be offered to the king. He took no time in abandoning his wine for the beauty of the young girl. She let down her hair and as the king yielded to her beauty, she plunged the sharp comb into his heart. With his own sword she cut off his head and dangled it from the window.

Upon this signal, the Christians attacked the confused, leaderless Muslims who, seeing that they losing, decided to kill themselves. They covered their horses’ eyes and galloped over the edge of the cliff into the void below. It is said that some nights it is still possible to hear neighs and desperate shouts; the souls of the Moorish soldiers who died that night.


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