The irregularly shaped area within the old Plaza Mayor is one of the most charming parts of the village. Popular thought claims that it was not designed in this way on a whim, but was developed according to a certain urban plan.  It is the result of the varied interests of a community of neighbours, all of whom desired a porticoed square.

And so each neighbour decided to contribute in their own way and because of this the porches of almost every house have their own unique design.  Some are trabeated; others have semi-circular arches and a few boast pillars or columns.  The facades are also different, with different dimensions and composition.  The only thing the houses have in common is homogeneity derived from the construction materials; stone and brick.

In the past the square was a dynamic centre of every day life in Alquézar; a place to meet, to socialise and, above all, to trade.  This was especially the case post 1528 when Carlos V granted permission for a weekly market and an annual fair.  The porches allowed the neighbours protection from the shade and the sun without leaving the street and it was here that all kind of goods and produce were put on sale.


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  • Alquezar. Antigua Plaza Mayor