A footpath leaves from the Calle de la Iglesia and descends the narrow gorge know as the La Fuente Canyon down to the river. It takes its name from the pretty Renaissance bridge that was constructed in the 16th century, which boasts an impressive view of the rocky cliffs that rise up to the collegiate church.

The public fountain, which was almost always located out of the village, was the urban element that received most attention from the municipal council. Its construction was a priority as soon as other basic needs had been covered, and was even deemed more important than the council building. On occasion, master fountain makers or sculptors were employed, or, as is the case here, a master stone mason was contracted. There is no doubting his skill or his knowledge of the classical tastes of the times.

Although the composition is fairly simple, Alquézar’s fountain was grander than the majority of those built in Somontano in that era, being more detailed in design and reflecting greater care in its construction.

The municipal crest that adorns the fountain indicates who financed the work and in which year.

There is a cross carved into one of the ashlars. It was common to find marks of this nature as they were believed to protect of all type of spring, well and fountain.


  • Alquezar. Barranco de la fuente 2
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  • Alquezar. Barranco de la fuente